Hill Sprints for a lean mean high-performance machine


Sprints are great.

End of post.

We could leave it there and you would have solid advice.

Now you’d just need to follow it.

That’s the hard part, right?

You get into the nitty gritty details and next thing you know, you don’t do anything.

Overthinking holds many of you guys back.

It has to STOP!

Don’t worry so much about the perfect rep range.

Or is a high-bar or low-bar squat optimal.

So many tiny details we focus on that slows our progress.

Paralysis by analysis is a real problem for many people. Maybe you are one of them.

My advice? STOP reading everything and looking for the next best thing.

Find one program, one idea, one coach. Follow the plan as close to 100% as possible.

Give it 3 months +.

THEN you can assess where you’re at and adapt/evolve from there.

Not after a few days.

Give it some time.

Hill sprints are awesome.

But if you haven’t done them in years and you go out today and run fifteen hard balls-to-the-wall sprints, you will feel it for the next few days.

You might think you shouldn’t do them again.

But you did TOO much TOO soon.

Train hard always but be smart about it too.

There’s a fine line.

If you need help walking that line, I got the solution:


-Do you get bored easily with a training program?

-Can’t stay consistent with your workouts?

-Do you like variety but lose focus without a plan?

-When you see the average gym bro do you want to do the exact opposite?

The Rebel Fitness program is for you.

This workout program is a culmination of two decades gym experience.

I struggled with the same challenges as you.

This program is what I needed decades ago. A training plan that gives you structure to stay on track, while also allowing for variety and flexibility to work around your lifestyle.