How many pullups can you do?


A client recently asked me how many pullups I could do in one set.

I had no idea. It’s been awhile since I did an ALL-OUT max set.

I’m interested to see how it goes after doing all sub-maximal training on pullups.

Enough about my pullup situation, how about you?

How many can YOU do?

Are you consistently training your pullups and/or chinups?

What kind of programming are you using?

If you’re making progress, keep at it.

For you guys not getting better at pullups, here’s my favorite way to improve.


Submaximal lifting is very effective for pullups and chinups.

Submax lifting means you never go to failure in a set.

You leave a rep or two “in the tank” so to speak.

That way you can do more sets and avoid burning out the muscles during the workout.

The other benefit is you can do the exercise more often each training week.

Instead of one day of pullups, you can do 2 or 3 and not have to worry about the additional stress to your body being too much to recover from.


Another effective method for improving your pullup numbers is to use “ladders”.

Ladders are when you climb up and/or down with reps.

For example- you do 1 pullup, then you do a set of pushups, then go back to pullups and do 2 reps. All the way up to your target rep range.

Then work your way back down in reverse until you get to 1 again.

These can be used along with the grease the groove strategy.

This is a strong method of getting in more quality reps as you are not fatigued during each set because they are mainly submaximal.

Use these tips and start getting those pullup numbers up!


I tried ALL the programs

I tried many good programs. Each one taught me something valuable, but there was always something missing.

After much trial and error, I started to develop my own training style.

Rebel Fitness is the training plan that works with your lifestyle, not the other way around.

You don’t always have the perfect 60 minutes + to complete your squats, bench presses and deadlifts.

If you’re like me, sometimes you only have 20 minutes and no gym available.

This program gives you options every day. When you have more time you can choose the big workouts.

On days you have less time or energy, there are short workout options.