Buffalo's Best Grill (BBG2GO) Meal Prep Service - A Review

bbg2go meal prep

Some say getting lean is 80% diet/20% exercise. Whatever the numbers are, there's no denying that diet is a HUGE part of fat loss.

Meal prep is crucial when you are busy and trying to lose weight/build muscle.

You can't just "wing it" and expect to lose the beer belly. That's what you've been doing already and how has that worked out?

There are a few meal prep services in the Buffalo/716 area, and I'm sure more will jump on the bandwagon. 

Buffalo's Best Grill (BBG2G0) is the only one I've tried.

This review is my experience, pure and simple. I've recommended BBG2GO to my clients, as well.

What is BBG2GO? (What is a meal prep service?)

Simply put, BBG2GO makes tasty meals so you don't have to.

You order as many as you like from the menu for the week. This is a great option as some meal-prep services have a minimum (10 meals or more) that you must order.


So if you're going out of town and only need meals for 4 days, no problem. You won't have wasted meals to throw out when you get back.

Benefits of BBG2GO Meal Prep Service

-Quick meal for busy professionals. Most meals heat up in 2 minutes or less.

-No clean-up!  With all the cooking done for you, there's no pots and pans, spatulas and cutting boards to worry about.

-No commitment. Like i said above, you can order meals for just 1 day or week after week but you aren't locked into any kind of membership plan.

-Easy payment options. You can pay online when you order through paypal, credit, debit. You can also pay in person when you pickup or on the phone.

-Delivery Available. Even if you don't live close to BBG2GO you can get your meals delivered for a small charge.

-Meal options. There's "FIT" meals and "FAST" meals. Fit meals are $5 and lower calorie (350-450) and Fast meals are$6- homestyle and slightly larger portions. Mix and match however you want.

My Experience With BBG2GO Meal Prep

A friend recommended BBG2GO. At the time I was busy getting my business up and running, and had little time to cook healthy meals.  (I don't like cooking even when I have time :) )

The idea of a meal prep service sounded great. 

No cooking. No cleanup. And good healthy food with protein and veggies? Perfect.

I started with 5 meals to test it out.

Ordering the meals is quick and easy. Payment is simple. Pickup was fast.

And the meals were good!

My first impression was that this is a great service from start to finish.

What I needed was a lunch meal that I didn't have to cook and that wasn't too heavy. The "Fit" meals were just right.

Some weeks I ordered 10-15 meals, mixing Fit/Fast meals for variety.

They offer enough options to keep it interesting, but also keep the meals you like in the rotation.

Who Should Use a Meal Prep Service Like BBG2GO?

Meal prep services like BBG2G0 will help anyone who wants to get their diet in order to lose fat, gain muscle, improve health and save time.

For the busy professional who hates cooking and has limited time, this is a great option for you.

You can order a week's worth of lunches. Or 3 meals a day.

Having the meals prepared, and ready to eat, can make a HUGE difference when you are trying to stick to a healthy eating plan.

I recommend BBG2G0 to my clients that won't cook, don't like to cook or find they are too tired to cook when they get home.

Would I Try Another Meal Prep Service?


But here's my take. When I find something I like, whether it's a brand of shirt, or a car or a store, I tend to stick with it.

Find what works and stick to it, I like to say. 

Sure, there are times I will try new things. But sometimes it's best to stick to what you know and trust.

But that's just me.

I give their service 2 big thumbs up.

Try it out for yourself. See how much it benefits your life. There's no commitment!

For more info go to BBG2GO.com

Save time and get lean. Start today!