Should I Use Myfitnesspal?


Myfitnesspal: Will it Help You Lose Fat or Not?

As my clients know, I'm a big fan of writing things down. 

For nutrition, it helps you become aware of what you are eating and drinking. 

It's also beneficial for workouts, to measure progress.

So the question is "Will Myfitnesspal work for me?" 

Yes it will. 

I've used it and many of my clients have also. It works. 

There are other apps for tracking nutrition but I've only used myfitnesspal so I can only comment on that one.

Why Myfitnesspal Helps You Lose Fat

There's a ton of information available on diet and healthy eating. Yet, there are so many people that struggle to lose fat. 


If you know what to do, why doesn't it work?

It's a challenge for all of us. 

I had to figure out a way for myself to get lean. It took much trial and error and I felt like I would never get there. 

The first time I tracked my diet I used pen and paper. It was eye-opening. 

Years later I had stopped tracking and I found myfitnesspal. It was the same thing again. Amazing how much you can learn just by being more aware. 

This process will help you lose fat just by itself. 

It's so simple which is why it's often overlooked as being TOO obvious. 

But it's not.

It's the first step towards getting control over your diet and your fat loss.

Will I Have To Track My Diet Forever?

You start to freak out because you don't want to be one of those people who has to count calories, check food labels and obsess over food. 

But that doesn't have to happen. 

You don't have to track forever. 

Eventually you will get good at eyeballing portions. You won't need to track every day. 

Eating becomes more intuitive.

Once you reach your target weight/bodyfat percentage, you can go on "maintenance mode". Which is a stress-free zone of eating. 

If you want to lose more fat or build muscle mass, then you can start tracking again to meet your goals.  

Get Started With Myfitnesspal

Don't waste any more time trying to lose fat without knowing exactly what you are putting in your body.

It's an easy app to use. You can go old-school and use pen and paper like I did.

Or try a different app.

Bottom line- track your nutrition daily.

This one action will make a big difference.

If you need help setting up a good nutrition plan for your specific needs, let me know.

I offer nutrition guidance along with personal training programs.

For more info TAKE ACTION today.