What's a Simple Workout Plan to Get Strong and Fit?

Simple Workout Plan to Get Strong and Fit


When I worked in a toll booth I would often get asked for directions.

I would gladly help people if I knew where they were going.

Often I would give clear directions and people would still ask questions like “but my mapquest says to go here”.. or my gps is telling me to go this way..

I would either stare at them or say so why did you ask me for directions if you didn't want to follow what I was going to give you?

Sometimes people seek answers they already have. But that's not you. You just want to get strong and fit, and do it without spending hours in the gym doing a million exercises on some complicated program, written for competitive bodybuilders.

So with that being said, here are my keys to a simple workout plan to build strength, and a muscular well-conditioned body.


Keys to Progress With a Simple Strength Training Program


1- Limit the amount of exercises per session to 3-4


2- Do a lower body lift, a upper body press and an upper body pull (squat, press, pullup)


3- Train 3 times per week for 30-45 minutes


4- Do a thorough warmup with bodyweight movements and finish with similar movements including core work


5- Walk daily. Indoor, outdoor. Just go for 30 minutes to an hour.


6.  High intensity intervals

Once a week do 15-20 minutes of intervals. Use a sled, jump rope, bike or hill. Doesn't matter which one, just pick one and get it done.


Now the questions. What if I can't do one of the lifts? There's always a variation you can do. Try different exercises until you find the ones that don't hurt. Or hire a competent personal trainer.


Q- What if I'm too busy to do? …  A- stop making excuses and get up an hour earlier.

Q- What about casein protein, creatine, post workout, pre workout, the angle of the incline bench, 12 or 15 reps etc..

A- Stop majoring in the minors.

Eat real food 90% of the time. Learn to cook some basic meals that will supply you with fuel and make your body look how you want it to look.

Consistency Doesn't Sell But It's What You Need

Show up. Do the work. Don't miss days and don't skip meals. Be consistent and persistent.

Stick to a plan like this for months and you will make some serious progress. Be sure to keep adding more weight and/or more reps as often as you can.

But don't be a dummy about it and max out with awful form and injure yourself.

Slow, consistent gains.

No, it doesn't sell magazines. But it's the way to get strong and stay strong for life.

Not just for one rep today.

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