Training With a Purpose - What Will Motivate You When it Gets Hard?

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Motivation that Runs Deeper than Six-Pack Abs- Training With a Purpose


Back when I first started lifting weights I was just trying to get bigger to fight back against a couple neighborhood punks.

I was shy and skinny. So I started lifting dumbbells in my bedroom. My routine consisted of bicep curls, pushups and situps.

After school I drank protein shakes and ate packages of cookies with milk.

I didn't know what I was doing, but I had a purpose.

The drivingforce behind my plan was to get muscles to scare off those kids who loved starting fights.


What's your purpose? What/who are you training for?


Is it for a new personal record? To lose 10 pounds of fat? To get six-pack abs?

No matter what the goal, there is something deeper going on.

A real reason.

Do you have a strong purpose that gets you through the hardest workouts and everything else that goes along with it?

You know there will be days you don't want to go to the gym.

What will get you past that initial resistance?


Training with a purpose will make preparing meals less of a chore.

The recovery methods you need, will be part of your normal routine. Not just when you get sick or injured.


Why Do You Lift Weights?


It may start because you want bigger pecs or biceps. That may be enough to get you into the gym for a month..

Then what?

What's your real reason for lifting weights? Maybe it really is to just look better and feel better.

But my guess is that there is something bigger. A deeper “why” that is driving you.

Maybe it's time you look within, and get clear on what you want out of your strength training.

Train with a purpose.

And if you don't know or can't find a deeper reason to get into the gym, maybe I can help.

I help guys dig deeper to find a purpose behind getting fit. More than just how you look in the mirror.

If you're interested now's your chance to TAKE ACTION.   Sign up for a free purpose-session. 30 minutes to find what makes you tick and put together a program made JUST FOR YOU.