How Do You Know if a Personal Trainer is Right for You?


With so many options available for personal training, it can be a challenge to know the difference between one and the other.

Here are 3 tips to help you choose the right personal trainer for you.

1 -Goals

Determine what your goals are and if they are in line with the trainer.

Want to build muscle and burn fat? Is the trainer/coach in great shape? Does he/she have experience with getting others to build a great physique?

It helps when a trainer can walk the walk AND talk the talk. It's not essential that the trainer/coach is a professional bodybuilder or athlete, but it helps if the coach can relate to your current struggles with fitness.

If you're a 45 year old man who is trying to get ripped, does the trainer understand your struggles? Or is he a 21 year old athlete who has never really gone through any of the challenges you face?

Something to consider.

2 -Compatibility

Find a coach with similar values. Yes, it's important they have worked with similar clients in the past. Maybe even more important is how you feel about the trainer. Do you feel a connection? Or is it awkward?

Does it feel right? Are you comfortable with the trainer/coach? This is important.

You are handing over your fitness concerns to a professional and paying for his/her services. You want to feel like they care about you and you will really get something out of the experience.

If you feel like the trainer is just going to be counting reps and looking at his clipboard (lame) then find someone else.

There's no rush to hire the first one you meet. If it doesn't feel right, connect with another one.


3 -Trust

Ask around, find out what other people say about their experience with the trainer.

Do you feel confident that this trainer will get you the results you seek?

Ask questions. See what their experience is and if you feel their expertise is aligned with your goals. Not every trainer is a good fit for every client and vice versa.

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