SLOW Down and Find Strength, Peace and Purpose

Schroon Lake- Strength Essentials 716

Schroon Lake- Strength Essentials 716

SLOW down.

It's early Sunday morning and I'm taking a long walk.

Besides the few people walking their dogs, there's not much activity.

Then a car speeds by.

It got me thinking about how we are always rushing around that even on a quiet Sunday morning we can't shut that off.

How often do you CHOOSE to slow down each week?

Watching TV or scrolling social media does not count.

Slowing down by taking a walk in nature. Sitting in silence.

Writing in your journal.


Deep breathing.

Perfect Balance is Not the Goal

I don't believe we are ever balanced 100%. But that doesn't mean we can't try to shift the scale somewhat.

We can all use more quiet time.


Walking alone without our phone.

SLOWING down our pace if we are always ON THE GO.

We need resistance, stress, hard challenges, but we also need the opposite side.

Lift heavy. Stretch.

Run fast. Walk slow.

Push to your physical and mental edge. Pull back into your self and breathe deep and slow.

Slow Doesn't Mean Stop Moving

Some folks think they need to decompress by laying on the couch.

You can still get the benefits of slowing down while moving.

Ride a bike, walk by water, stretch in the park.

Don't Forget Cardio

As you know I'm all for Strength Training.

It's priority number 1 for most people I work with.

That doesn't mean cardio is not important. It is.

Three days a week for 30-90 minutes is what most people should aim for.

You can do any cardio that you want. Mix and match, change it up.

Just make sure you are following the Maffetone formula for endurance activity.

Basically subtract your age from 180 and you get the appropriate heart rate you should spend most of your time training at.

If you've been neglecting your cardio training this will feel difficult at first. That's a sign you need it.

This happened to me recently, even though I was lifting consistently and walking fairly regularly.

When I started running, biking at the optimal intensity for aerobic improvement, I found out I was easily winded and fatigued.

Another challenge to face and improve.

I'm TOO BUSY to slow down

For those folks who are always "too busy", you especially need to slow down.

I can guarantee if we went over every hour of your day we would find some pockets of time that you could use to slow down.

A half-hour to walk, ride a bike.

Fifteen minutes to meditate, stretch, swim.

There is always time. But you have to WANT to make it happen.

Usually the desire is not there. You'd rather binge watch shows on netflix.

That's up to you. Just don't use the "too busy" excuse.


Need to FIND time to slow down?

Do you need help figuring out how to get stronger, in better shape and find more peace and purpose in your life?

I have the plan for you.