Stop comparing yourself to others

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I don’t share about my own training all that much.

Most people don’t care. They want to know if I can help them.

But sometimes it’s good to share what I do in the gym.

Today I was doing some overhead presses and a guy came over and said “now you’re just showing off.”

It’s not often that I get a complement, and I don’t look for them either.

One thing is for sure: those words felt good.

Until I started thinking these thoughts: nah, that’s not much weight, I used to lift more, compared to some guys that’s a warmup set..  (like this guy)

That moment inspired this post.

How often do we compare ourselves?

To others.

To a different standard.

To our former selves.

To our future selves.

We need to stop that.

I have made solid progress.

When I started back up with the Press I was lifting less than a hundred pounds.

Today I put one hundred sixty five lbs. overhead four times.

I’m not content.

I can see I have made progress but I’m not complacent.

Still, there’s no need to compare to anyone else or to who I once was.

This is where I am now.

I continue to work hard.

Show up.

Get stronger.

Make new goals and strive for them.

In the next year I will put bodyweight overhead.

There will be no reason to compare then either.

Comparing yourself to others holds you back


You won’t change it overnight, of course.

Work at it.

Each time you have those kinds of thoughts, pay attention to them.

Choose to see yourself as you are right now. Where you are is enough.

It doesn’t mean you stop or you’re satisfied.

You just don’t compare yourself to others.

Be proud of what you’ve accomplished, take a moment to enjoy it, then set another goal.


Maybe you don't know what your next goal is.

Need help figuring it out?

Shoot me an email and I can help you uncover what you really want to achieve in the gym.


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