Take the power back


In high school one of my favorite bands was Rage against the machine

They were heavy, raw and rebellious

"Take the power back" was one of the most powerful songs on their first album

Just the other day I heard it for the first time in years

An image came to me

Maybe you can relate..

Picture a man (maybe it's you) who is sick and tired of the way things are

He feels stuck

No passion

No motivation

Out of shape

Huffing and puffing just walking up the stairs

He coasts through each day like a cog in the machine

That machine has held him back

But he also realizes he has held HIMSELF back too

In my mind it's like the guy in prison (literal or metaphorical) who no longer wants to live the way he was living

He craves a big change

You know what kind of change I'm talking about?

A "Take the power back" kind of change

Sitting there in the prison cell (your mind) with a hunger for more

-More out of life

-More energy

-More strength

-A better life

But it won't happen until you take action

What action?

It starts with daily habits

Training the body AND mind to become ONE

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