The GREATEST exercise you will ever do


The football clunked me upside my head.

I had been daydreaming at practice.

Coach liked to yell and throw footballs at our heads.

Then we would be forced to do the GREATEST exercise you will ever do.

Can you guess what it was?

If you said the good old "up-downs" you are right.

You know the one.. basically a burpee. Drop down to the ground and jump back up on your feet.

How can it be that a calisthenics exercise is the greatest exercise you will ever do?

Maybe its not but that's not the point.

The greatest exercise you will ever do is the ONE YOU WILL ACTUALLY DO.

Calisthenics are a great choice because you can do them anywhere, at any time.

No equipment necessary. No gym membership required.

You might think calisthenics are too easy or you are beyond them.

Do me a favor and try a 30 minute workout of calisthenics.

You might change your opinion.

Now I'm not dodging footballs being thrown at my head, but I still get in some good old up-downs.

The great thing (and worst thing) about calisthenics is they will tell you if you are in good shape or not.

There's no debate. You can lift heavy weights and take 5 minute rests between sets and get away with it.

Calisthenics with little to no rest will humble you real quick.

Most don't want to see how out of shape they are.

Do you dare find out?

One of the challenges I put in the REBEL FITNESS program is calisthenics each day.

This week it's 50 daily squats. No big deal.

Want to level-up your fitness?

Stop waiting around. Get on it here- REBEL FITNESS

Jim "up-downs" White


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