You can wait until later, right?


I procrastinated.

And man, did it bite me in the ass!

Every year I dread holiday shopping.

It used to be the whole experience of going to the mall.

Then amazon came to save the day.

But not for me.

I still wait until the last minute to shop, even online.

And I KNOW better. 

So I end up stressing myself out the last possible day to get my shopping done for Christmas.

This year was the worst.

My daughter wanted things (no clue what half of them are) that were not available in stores I normally go to..

And I waited too long so now I couldn't get them delivered on time..

The result of all me hating to shop and putting it off as long as I did?

I had to go to the store with my daughter and suffer through hours of shopping in a busy department store.

I should have known better, right?

But hey, we ALL procrastinate on things we don't want to do.

Like working out, diet.. doing the laundry.. taking out the trash etc..

What's the solution?

Don't worry, I have no "quick fix" magic potion superfood ab-slimmer programs to BS you with.

You know me, I tell it like it is.

But I do have a great program that will get your ass in the best shape of your life-


Don't wait when you can take action today.


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