Learning to walk again


Imagine having to learn how to walk again.

Crazy thought right.

That's what a friend of mine is going through right now.

She reached out to me the other day with a text message that blew my mind.

In the message she talked about learning to walk again.

It's one of the most difficult things she's had to do in her life.

As you can imagine, I was moved by the message.

What really got me emotional was when she said "you were on point with that post about just taking 15 minutes here 30 minutes there... JUST DO IT.  I do pushups with the counter while I'm waiting for my tea to boil..

The text left me speechless... but there's more..

"BUT most days I just want to lay in bed and sleep and give up because I'm in so much pain and I'm so tired..so seeing your recent post was inspirational, and I thought you should know that you gave me the push I needed today, because I was starting to sink back into a hole I'm not sure I would have come out of.."

How do you even respond to THAT?

I was truly speechless for a long moment..

Funny thing is I had no idea she was following me on social media and seeing my posts.

That's why I do what I do.

You never know who will be lifted UP by your message and your example.

That's why it pays to be strong and fit.

You aren't just doing it to look good and feel better for yourself (although that is part of it)

Even more, you are building strength FOR life.. when you take care of yourself, you are better equipped to take care of others.

If I never trained hard and built my body and mind UP, that girl would never have been inspired by my video that day..

Remember that.

You have great power to change the world.

One workout at a time.

I have 2 great programs to help you do that:

One- a total bodyweight training program- LEVEL-UP 45 - for you guys who need a break from lifting weights OR need to get back to a regular workout routine

Option two- REBEL FITNESS- which includes a workout of the day that has a bodyweight training option along with strength training OR cardio options.

Great results come from the basics-
Results like getting lean and mean without any special equipment.

Until next time