The Perfect Time

Are you waiting for the perfect time?

You know that there is no such thing, but you make excuses to justify why you don't start right now.

We have all done this. It helps us to avoid facing the reality and putting in the work. Which means getting out of our comfort zone.

Facing our fears.

Even though we KNOW this is just what we need. Still we go on saying things like-

-When I'm not so busy

-After the New Year I'll start

-Maybe when I don't have to work overtime

-When I lose a few pounds I'll be ready to join the gym

-When I get a raise I'll start to buy healthier foods and cook them at home

-When my kids are done with soccer, maybe I can join a class

-When I get motivated again

Waiting around for the elusive "PERFECT TIME" is a WASTE of TIME! You know it but you get stuck in this phase.

How do you get motivated to start?

Simple- You decide I am going to start today.

There's no magic solution. It's very simple, yet not easy.

Other people have done it, you can too. No one is born with extra motivated genes. You either want it or you don't.

When you want it bad enough you will start.

Unfortunately, some people don't want it bad enough until there's a health-scare. Sometimes it takes a mid-life crisis to inspire change.

You don't have to wait for a life-changing event to start working on your strength and health.

Decide today. It's happening. You are going to start moving more. Eating better. Training the body to become stronger.

If you don't know where to start, check out my online training program

or if you're in the 716 area come in for a consultation and we will get you started on a program that will improve your life.