How to Overcome a Plateau in Weight Training

For those of you who have been struggling to overcome a plateau in your weight training, this article is for you.

Whether it's:

~old injuries

~lack of consistency


~your diet is all over the map

~stalled out on your exercises or program..

The following tips should help you break through the plateau.

As long as you PUT THEM INTO ACTION.


1- Get Clear

Make sure you know your goals. If you don't have any, then make some. What could you achieve that would make you feel awesome?

Write the goals down. Set some deadlines that are realistic and set some bigger goals beyond that. Start right away. Build good habits and momentum. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

The more specific you can be with the goal, the more you know what to do to attack it and stop falling short.

2- Reduce the Weight

Take some weight off. Get better at the movement. Master it. Get the form down and start to add resistance and make it harder.

Technique is crucial for long-term gains.

If you aren't sure about your form, take videos of yourself and watch them critically or get a coach to look at your movement.

3- Strengthen Around Injured Area

Improve areas surrounding injured spot or dinged up spot. Once there is no pain don't stop doing that boring rehab/prehab stuff. Strengthen other areas. If your shoulder is hurt you can focus on your lower body strength. Never use an injury as an excuse. Make your weakness a strength.

4- Nutrition

How many times do you need to hear this before you finally take it seriously? Put a big emphasis on it for a few weeks and see the difference it makes in your lifting, your sleep, your recovery, your mental health and overall well-being.

Cook meals ahead, use crock-pot, cook in bulk, have healthy foods readily available for those busy times so you don't eat junk.

Never eat junk because you have no good food in the house, or are too busy to bring something with you. Hard-boiled eggs,bananas, and nuts don't go out of style.

5-  Stick to the Program

Find a plan that you will stick with. That you believe in and are looking forward to. A program that meets your needs and sets you up to achieve your goals.

You will never regret becoming stronger.



My final tip for overcoming a fitness plateau may be surprising. It's about your mindset. That invisible tool that we often overlook when it comes to breaking through any hurdle in life.

What do I mean by mindset here?

Look at the way you think. Really dig deep into your head and see if you are limiting yourself. Are there beliefs that you hold that are keeping you stuck?

Or some myth that you know isn't true but somehow it still plays games with your mind?

Get your mind right. Believe in yourself and what you can achieve. It may help to get around some training partners that are stronger than you.

Or talk to a friend that can hold you accountable for what you say you are going to do. Sometimes we just need that little push from someone to get on the right path. Find a coach that you can learn from and that you believe in.

Work on your mind daily. Feed your mind with positive thoughts. Visualize what you want to achieve. Delete garbage from your email.

Cut the crabs out of your life.

Stay away from fear-mongering news and gossip.

All this stuff may seem insignificant but it makes a huge difference.

It all adds up. Each small influence starts to shape and mold your mind. Take back your life and develop a stronger outlook. It will help your strength training and spill over into every other area of your life.