Transformation is not about six pack abs biceps and diet plans


The photo collage above spans about 20 years.

I was a tall skinny kid. In my first year of college I became skinny/fat.

After years of hard work I became bigger, stronger and leaner.

This post is not about gaining muscle, losing fat and lifting weights.

What I want to convey here is that transformation is more than just the body on the outside.

Maybe you’ve heard this before and you shrugged it off..

I did the same thing.

Until I went through some brutal personal challenges that almost crushed me.

It was then that I realized that all this training is more than just looking good. Of course there are a TON of benefits to strength training and exercise in general.

I’ve talked about all of them on this blog.

What I want to emphasize and SHOUT from the rooftops is that training should build you UP mentally and beyond.

Start with the mind and everything else will follow.

I know it may be hard to believe when all you’re focused on is gaining muscle, burning fat and lifting more weight..

There’s nothing wrong with that. Those are fine goals in themselves. Worthy of your dedication, time and effort.

But I can’t say it enough how important it is to train your mind.

It’s THE KEY to success in EVERY single endeavor in life.

Get your mindset where it needs to be, and you can survive AND THRIVE no matter what life throws at you.

How do you train your mind?

It’s simple but NOT easy.

You do what you don’t want to do. Every single day.

I’m not talking about just going to work and doing your 8 hours because you don’t want to.

This is about going above and beyond.

What are your biggest challenges? You know deep within yourself that if you confront your fears you will overcome.

But there’s no growth, no overcoming without the resistance. The obstacle is not only necessary, it is THE WAY.

For me that obstacle is the winter here in Buffalo, NY. I hate it.

Everything about it I dread. It gets worse every year.

This year I said enough is enough.

So I cancelled my gym membership (after being a member for 19 years) and decided to ATTACK winter this year.

I am training EVERY DAY outside in the cold. No matter what day it is. The temperature does not stop me from facing this obstacle.

It’s all about building your mind by embracing the suck.

You MUST face your demon. Your weakness. The resistance you avoid is the answer to you seek.

I can help you lose fat, gain muscle , get stronger etc..

If that’s all you want, that’s fine. Go for it! Those goals alone don’t light me up like someone who wants to radically change their life.

To become the strongest version of yourself. To gain STRENGTH FOR LIFE. That is what inspires me every day.



Overcoming adversity is the key to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

I believe we all have much greater potential than we realize. Often, we need just one breakthrough to give us insight into our true inner strength.

I am committed to help you gain strength for life. You have a purpose. I want to help you achieve it.

Improving your life takes much more than knowledge.

It’s a constant battle in your mind.

I’ve been through it.

For over two decades I’ve trained in gyms, learning from my failures.

If you want to fulfill your potential, you don’t have go alone like I did.

I teach you everything I know:

-The Strength for Life Manifesto- A quick e-book that will inspire you to rise up and tackle any obstacle that stands in your way.

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You will have ALL the tools you need to become the strongest you possible.