What I've Learned as a Personal Trainer

-People want results, yes, but expectations vary AND some people don't really care about results as I envision them.


Example- Tim- 47 years old- works in a office setting.

Started with me over 2 years ago. Never lifted a weight, never played sports. Generally uncoordinated, off balance, not strong. He was a little overweight but it wasn't noticeable in street clothes.

His goals were general fitness, not fat loss, which is what I was told EVERYONE wanted most!

For Tim, just working out 3 days per week was the result he was after. He knew he wouldn't do it on his own at the gym in his apartment building.


-Some people need to vent and I might be the only person today that will listen. This is important as I can make a difference in someone's life being PRESENT.

Yes it's about the training, the nutrition and all that stuff we trainers want to preach and help people with, but it's also about relationships. Being there for a person. Genuinely caring and listening.


-Not everyone will be a good fit. There are some people who you just don't mesh with. You can try all you want but there is just no chemistry. I had to learn to not take it personal. It's not a fault of my own, it's just the way it is, and it goes both ways.


- Be prepared to adapt on the fly. I can write up the best workout program and a client can come in with jeans and work boots on, Or maybe they are fighting off a cold or they just hurt their ankle earlier in the day.

Throw the plan out the window.
People may come in late. They may be capable of more/less than the workout prescribed. Be flexible to the clients needs.


-People don't know exactly what you do. When you tell someone you are a personal trainer they have an image in their mind. This image is often not reality.

It's my job to explain and share what it is I do. Give examples and make it easy to understand. There's a lot of misinformation out there about fitness and weight training etc.. need to always be mindful that people don't know exactly what a trainer does, how they can help, what training with you is like and what to expect from the program.


There are plenty more but these are the big ones that came to mind. It's a constant learning process and one I'm glad I started almost 3 years ago. Being able to help people get stronger, feel better and improve their lives is a tremendous honor.