Why Strength Training and NOT Bootcamps?

Many women start exercising by joining a bootcamp. Some may join a spinning class or other variation of a bootcamp.

First, let me say that I am not against these forms of exercise. They can be useful. In my mind, they are not optimal. But there is nothing inherently wrong with them.

They get people up off the couch and moving. That is good.

This post is about Strength Training and why it's a better way to spend time in the gym 2-3 days a week.

If you do your strength training 2-3 days per week, you can still do your spinning and bootcamp and whatever other classes you choose. Your results will be much better than if you ONLY did the classes.

Maybe you are thinking I'm crazy and I'm just a dude obsessed with barbells and weights and muscles and that stuff just isn't for you.

You're a woman who doesn't want to get HUGE muscles and super strong. Right? You just want to lose some fat. Or is it weight? Depends on the marketing, of course..

So let's go into some of the reasons why you should spend more time training with weights than you should doing bootcamps and classes. (not just because I like strength training more so you should too :)  

1- Stronger is Better

With a Strength Training Program you will make consistent progress. You will add weight to the bar often. You will provide your body with a specific stress (weight training), you will allow your body to recover (sleep, food, rest) and your body will adapt.

This is how your body gets stronger. Your whole body. The muscles, the bones, joints.

When you come back to train the next session you will add weight to the bar to create a new stress.

There is no "muscle confusion" or variety just to keep you from getting bored. The specific stress comes from the basic strength training movements and the increasing weight you will lift.

Stronger is better in all areas of life. Whether you work in manual labor or in an office setting, a stronger body will help you live a better life.

Working in the yard will become easier. Helping a friend move a couch is easier. Getting up from the ground is less of a challenge when you can squat 50-100 more lbs. than you can right now.

That's it for this post. Tomorrow I will bring you reason number 2 you should be training with a barbell and not only doing bootcamps, or classes.

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