Strength Training is More Important than Cardio/Bootcamps

Why you should choose Strength Training not Bootcamps


In the last post I wrote about why strength training is a better use of your valuable gym time than a bootcamp or other class.


I talked about the first reason-

Stronger is Better.


Today let's get into the second reason-


Consistent Progress

Weight on the bar (PR's) is the driver of your progress.

Not an obsession with weight on the scale. Progressive loading- adding small amounts of weight each week- small increments- 2.5 lb. Plates.


You can't make this kind of progress with a random collection of exercises with the goal of making you sweaty, tired and sore.


Strength training often gets you sweaty, tired and/or sore, but that's not the purpose. It's just a by-product of the program.


When you lift a weight you weren't sure you could lift, you will gain confidence. It's almost-magical.




You will be able to do more in your life, outside the gym. Ordinary tasks will feel easier. Maybe you won't need to ask that young kid to help you load up the heavy bag of mulch into your trunk.


Let's take the bootcamp example real quick. Say you just joined a big health club. You decide to take a class.


The first few days are awful. You want to puke. Or quit. Probably both. You may think, this is just the way it is. I'm so out of shape I need to punish myself until I lose some of this weight.


If you stick to it for a few more weeks you will adapt. It will help you get in better “shape”. You will lose some lbs., maybe gain some energy, have a new sense of purpose.


But after 3 or 4 weeks, this program will no longer be capable of causing any more adaptation. The random exercises will get easier. You will be only limited by your lung capacity and your muscular endurance. What's wrong with that you say?


Nothing really. It's just not optimal to train that way.


See, when you are out of shape and sedentary, any program will “work” for a little while.


But if there is no progressive loading with weights that increase over time, the program will stop working.


Yes, it may feel like it's still hard. You are still burning calories and getting sore, tired and out of breath. But there is no progress that you can measure on paper.


The numbers don't lie. This is why I love strength training programs and why they are so effective.


Look at the numbers on the paper. You lifted 5 more pounds than last time. Progress. Simple. Effective. No bs. No guessing if you are improving.


Bottom line, Strength Training is the most important way to spend your time in the gym. In my opinion, of course. Wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings or anything.


Yes, bootcamps and exercise is beneficial. It can be combined with Strength Training in your program if you desire.


Doing something, getting active is ALWAYS a good idea. I recommend it to all my clients.


But first on my priority list is lifting weights. Everything else is secondary.


Stay tuned (like this is some kind of tv show or something) for tomorrow's post where I go into ANOTHER reason why Strength Training is king and bootcamps are not.