What's the Difference Between Exercise and Training?



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Today the focus is on this question of

What is the Difference Between Exercise and Training?

Bootcamps are one of many different kinds of EXERCISE. They are in the category with Aerobics, Barre, Spinning, Pilates, Zumba, Crossfit.

Strength Training is TRAINING. As the name suggests.

The difference is that exercise is all about today. Training is about the bigger picture.

One workout is better than none. Like I said in the previous two posts, I'm not against exercise, including bootcamps.

This post is to make clear the difference between Strength Training and Exercise.

Strength Training focuses on a program that goes beyond 1 workout. The workout today is important but not on its own.

It's part of a larger goal. That goal is usually to get stronger. (other goals may go along with this as well- like gaining muscle, losing fat, improved health markers)

While exercise is all about getting a good burn, pump, sweat and to work so hard you want to puke/lay down on the floor at the end of the workout in a puddle of sweat.

Strength Training workouts are hard also. The sweat, nausea, out of breath, burn, pump is NOT the goal.

The goal is to get stronger. That doesn't happen today.

It happens over time when there is sufficient stress (weight training), recovery (sleep/food) and adaptation- you got stronger and must add 5 more pounds to the bar.

Exercise is mostly random.

Jumping around, changing movements often, going from one station to the next, lots of burpees and abs and buns and "core"..

Training is specific. The exercise selection is more narrow. You choose the big movements that get you the most return on your time invested: Squats, Presses, Deadlifts..

You can do workouts that take some elements of Strength Training and incorporate them into a workout. 

Workouts like Crossfit and other circuit training programs like P90x,  that prescribe a bunch of exercises thrown together with minimal rest periods, designed to get you sore, tired, sweaty and burn calories.

These programs can get you in "shape" if you have been sitting on the couch for a year. ANY program can do that, if it's even half decent.

This doesn't mean it's an effective program moving forward.

If it gets you off the couch and moving great. Nothing wrong with that at all. But soon, the program will run out of steam and you won't have anywhere to go with it.

This is where Strength Training is superior.

It's all about the long-term.


Decide if You Want to EXERCISE Today or TRAIN to be STRONG4LIFE.


Now you know the difference. It's your choice what you want to get out of your time working out.

Is it about just the workout today or is it about a bigger plan?

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