Why You Can't Stick To A Diet

So I was just reading this article title "Why you can't stick to a diet: 5 questions to ask yourself" and I thought I had to share.

No, I don't just read about health, diet and dumbbells all day. At least not EVERY DAY. haha. That's what us trainers do right?

Hey, I have a life outside fitness. I take my pup to the dog park. I have dinner with my girlfriend. I take hikes. 

See? Exciting stuff here! haha

Anyway, back to the article. Here's the link to it- Here

I found myself nodding my head so I thought I'd share my thoughts here on some of the important points.

1- Willpower. Making poor food choices when your willpower is low. Yes! This has happened to me and it's happened to you, I am sure.

Preparation goes a long way. Reduce those instances where you have to rely on willpower which may be burned out already.

2. Eating way too much because you're starving. Never a good plan to try to starve yourself to lose weight. Your body is smart and is built to survive. It's likely you will overeat eventually.

3. Forbidden foods. We want what we can't have. But if you allow yourself to have a treat every now and again it won't be as big of a deal.

Some people can do a small treat and be fine where others may go off the deep end. As I say all the time, you have to know yourself.

That's it.

I hope you check it out and find something useful in there. 

Now I'm going back to reading articles on strength training and diet all night..  or maybe I will watch a hockey game and have a beer?! Look out! 

Even the trainer has to "live a little" right?!

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