You aren't competing with your old self


I was waiting for a sign.

The perfect moment.

In reality, I was scared and unsure of what would happen.

It was time to make a BIG change in my life.

Finally, I decided that on my birthday, at age 36, I would start my own personal training business.

I remember being SCARED as a mofo.

How would I do it?

What if it didn’t work?

So many questions, yet I crossed that bridge and haven’t looked back since.

When is it time to make a BIG CHANGE?

Every day we make adjustments. Usually they are minor and not too intimidating.

How do you know when it’s time to make a BIG shift?

In my experience, when I had recurring feelings that it was time to get out, or move on, or try something different, then I knew.

The first nudge you might overlook, but when it keeps coming back, then you have to pay attention.

This goes for training in the gym and beyond.

Maybe it’s diet. Or your job or relationship..

You know it’s time to change something big, even though you are nervous about it. I think nerves are a good sign. The IDEA of changing IS scary. Accept it, embrace it. Let it push you to a new level.

When should you change up your training routine?

Honestly, this is a question that brings up my answer from yesterday’s blog- It Depends.

If you believe in your program and you are making progress with it, you don’t need to change much.

On the other hand, if you aren’t sure about the plan you’re currently on, maybe it’s time for something different.

There are hundreds (if not more) training options out there, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by them all. Your best bet is to keep it simple.

Make some minor adjustments. Maybe you need more volume, or less exercise variety.. even just a slight change of the plan can give you new perspective and focus.

Some folks can do the same program for years and never need to make a change. Others prefer more variety.

Neither is right or wrong, just find out what suits you. The only way to learn that is to experiment. Try things out and take notes.

Leave old goals behind

Remember when assessing your current plan, don’t worry about what you used to do.

If your bench press PR was 275 pounds ten years ago, but now you can barely get 225, don’t worry about it.

You aren’t competing with your old self.

The only person you need to challenge is YOU TODAY. Right here and right now.

Sure, you want to improve from last week, or last month..but there will be days that won’t happen.

You still need to SHOW UP and give whatever you can on this day.

I’m nowhere near my all-time PR’s on any of my lifts but that doesn’t concern me anymore. I have new goals. I’m not the same man I was then. I accept it and challenge the current version of myself to improve NOW.

The Nudge from Above

When you feel the nudge from somewhere beyond yourself to make changes in your life, don’t ignore it.

Avoidance will only lead to frustration.

I view the “nudge from above” as something beyond.. like a sign from our spirit or the universe or whatever you want to call it.

We can choose to listen and cross the bridge, or we can ignore it and never know our TRUE potential.

Get after it.


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