1001 Reasons To Get Up Early and Lift Weights

I felt like garbage this morning.

Did NOT want to wake up at 5 a.m.

Wanted to hit the snooze.

I just needed a day off.

But I got up. I had clients to train.

This is "motivation". .  sometimes this is the KEY to motivation- having someone counting on you or relying on you.

I went to train my guys.

One of them was just not feeling it.

Not as talkative as usual. He didn't sleep much. Tired. Cranky.

So I had to turn it up another level.

That's why I'm there.

No one cares if I didn't sleep. Or if I'm tired. Or cranky. Or whatever my issues are.

I need to show up and perform.


After training all my clients for the day I had to get my own training in.

I was hungry. Didn't sleep well. Still felt less than tip-top. But it was time to train. It was scheduled in.

No skipping out.

This is where things get interesting. The mental side.

The games we play within our minds.

I said to myself "just get into the gym, get warmed up and do a ton of warmup sets, then you will feel the groove and get things amped up."

This little pep-talk was all I needed to get past that hump.

Simple, yes.     Powerful, yes.

So I did my squats. Nothing great. And here I adjusted as I went along. I had certain numbers in mind but when it comes time to train, I know myself well. (this comes from many years training and paying attention, taking notes, trying different programs etc..)

I dropped the weight and did some sets with lighter weight and higher reps. It felt GREAT. Well, as good as it could on this day.

After that I did one more lift and I met my goals for the day.

Wanna know how awesome that feels now?  With how the day started and how I felt, I can take that morning and call it a win.

Those little "WINS" add up over time.

There are plenty of ways to find those wins each day.

I find them in my training almost daily.

I can teach you how.

It took me years to learn but sometimes you need to put in the time to reap the rewards.

If I had someone there to coach me would the process been different? I'm sure it would have been faster.

But that's ok.

You can make progress on your own like I did.

Along the way I have read books, articles, watched video tutorials, read up on latest research, reviews, followed exactly what the TOP coaches/trainers were doing..

We are never truly on our own these days. We can learn from anyone at the gym, online, you name it.

But we need to be open to it.

And try new things.

Listen to our body.

Adapt and grow.

So I didn't list 1001 reasons to get up early, but I think I gave you plenty here to get your ass in gear

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