Askholes/ Diet Talk and Procrastination

I'm a man that prefers ACTION over theory.

When I started coaching people my desire was to help.

I did it for FREE much of the time.

Some people ask questions and listen.

Others listen AND take ACTION.

Then there are those we call "askholes".... the people who ask for your opinion on a topic, don't listen and don't use any of the information to help themselves..

That is discouraging and something I've had to learn to deal with.

Like I said, my genuine desire is to help people.

Usually I can, but sometimes I can't and I will say I don't know but let me find out. Or let me get you in contact with someone qualified in that area.

I've learned that some folks just want to share their opinion. They may ask for your input only so they can respond with what they believe in.

Those people are not for me.

If you're not ready to step up and make a BIG change in your life, take a hike.

Ask questions. Have an open mind. Learn. TAKE ACTION on the info.

In relation to TRAINING, the same applies.

Ask questions. Listen. Start implementing what you learned IMMEDIATELY.

The power is in the action.

You ever heard of "paralysis by analysis".. you don't want that! It robs you of your power, your energy.

Speaking of energy, I had some interesting conversations lately about diet.

Generally speaking, diet talk bores me.

Maybe because I've read SO much about it over the last fifteen years..

Or maybe it's because most people don't listen, even though they are struggling and what they are doing is NOT WORKING.

Going back to my desire to help people, this can be frustrating. I try not to let it get to me, but there are days I want to say,

"DON'T ASK about diet until you are truly ready to make changes."

So that covers the askholes and the diet talk... leading right into the last topic-


All three of these topics are intertwined.

If you are asking without any intention on using the info to change your behavior, you are procrastinating.

You KNOW you need to change.

It's clear what you are doing IS NOT working..

But yet, you still wait... you want to think it over some more.. analyze.. read more articles.. get another opinion..

Meanwhile you are stuck right where you were, OR getting worse.

I'm all for learning, reading, getting the best info you can find... then make a plan.. to the best of your ability..

Then you must GO.


Nothing changes from you just reading or asking questions..

Of course, this is obvious.. it's simple.. yet, it is NOT easy..

What is stopping you?

There are many possible answers but only YOU can discover what is holding YOU back.

I can help you get to the root of the problem.

You need to dig deep.

Ask yourself questions.. seek honest answers..

Maybe you are sabotaging yourself before you even get started for some reason..

you just can't quite figure it out though...

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