Attack your weakness on Monday to build momentum for the week

Pullups at Strength Essentials 716

Pullups at Strength Essentials 716

How do you start the week?

ATTACK what you are not good at.

For me that means doing a lot of work in a short period of time.

Today it was a circuit of pullups/pushups/lunges for ten rounds in thirty minutes.

This applies to the gym AND life.

Not only attacking what you're not good at it, but also what you are afraid to do..

Attacking what you typically avoid.. what you dread..

Maybe you were too busy to get to the grocery store this weekend but you know you'll be too tired after work...


Get in that MINDSET of doing things that you want to avoid.

Go for that walk after dinner.

Set the crock-pot to cook a few days of meals overnight.

I remember when I was working in an office job and I would dread Mondays.

Going back to the "grind"..

It wasn't until I started to shift my mental outlook that I started to change my life.

Where I dread Mondays, I started to look forward to my workouts after work.

Then I started writing my first blog, and built excitement for myself no matter what day it was.

When you create and work on building something, whether it's your body/mind, or art or a house, you change your perspective.

Now you ATTACK every day because you have a mission to complete.

The beginning of the week takes on new MEANING.

No longer is it a DOWNER but suddenly full of new POSSIBILITIES.

Know what the best part about ATTACKING Monday?

You don't limp into Tuesday. Nope. You walk CONFIDENTLY into the rest of the week.

Build on that momentum you CREATED with your own will.

That's a great feeling.

Strong for life.


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