The PATH is full of obstacles and truly rewarding


Walking THE PATH this morning...

Not seen in this photo were all the people I had to avoid as I did a workout of loaded carries.

Reminds me of life.

We rarely have a clear path with no obstacles..

There are potholes. Detours. U-turns. Wrong turns. Flash-floods..

Distractions are everywhere. With tv, social media, phones, video games, movies etc..

It all comes down to you, and your choice to work around all these distractions and stay focused on YOUR PATH.

Maybe you can't bench today. Do something else.

The details aren't as important as the big picture. That is you achieving your own level of greatness.

We may not be able to run, so we walk.

Maybe we have to crawl... or roll down a hill..

No matter what obstacle we face, we have to stay focused on our purpose, and our mission.


If you have a day or two where things seem to be going smoothly, don't worry, life will kick your a$$ sooner or later.

Will you be prepared?

When you push yourself DAILY, with physical AND mental challenges, you will be much better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you.

There will always be resistance from other people.

Often they don't want you to change because it shows them what they are capable of but CHOOSE not to do.

Nothing great is ever achieved with ease. People will be offended, scared and their insecurities will show, as you evolve to become the strongest version of yourself.

It's to be expected. You know you are making progress when you get those kinds of reactions.

People have said I'm obsessed, crazy, a fitness nut, super healthy (like it's a negative) I must live in the gym, I should have some fun and lighten up etc..

My reply to those people? - Take a hike. Literally and metaphorically.

Always stay focused on YOUR PATH.

It was given to you, not anyone else.

YOU have to pursue it with ALL YOU GOT.

It won't be easy. And it won't be fast.

But it WILL be WORTH IT x a million.

The path may not be straight, and it will have all kinds of obstacles..

That makes it even more rewarding when you stick to it.

Never let anyone steer you off your path. If they want to make you feel bad because they can't seem themselves doing what you're doing, tell them to TAKE A HIKE!


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