The Benefits of Bodyweight Circuits

If you've ever cut calories you know how tired you feel.

Not all the time, of course. But often at the worst time, like when you need to train.

This morning was one of those days.

I only had 25 minutes to get a workout in. Today was going to be bodyweight circuits. Not exactly something I look forward to or get excited about.

Give me weights any day of the week. But this day is also important and can't be overlooked.

Bodyweight training with no rest (or very minimal) is part-cardio, part-muscular endurance. It's also a good test of mental strength and will.

You want to quit. Hell, you don't even want to start!

But you do the work planned.

It doesn't even matter how many reps/sets. Just set the clock for 15-30 minutes and get it done.

You will always feel better after.

Mentally, you know you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone just by doing something.

Physically you get the blood flowing, heart pumping, lungs breathing hard and wake up the muscles. It's also beneficial for the joints.

Plenty of reasons to do yourself a solid and put in some time with bodyweight circuits.

Nothing fancy. No equipment necessary.

Who will do the work when no one is watching? Will you?

The rest of the day just flows better when you start it off with this mindset. Train early. Get it done quick, no rest periods. Challenge yourself a little more each time.