What's Your Problem With Fitness?

What is stopping you from being in the best possible shape you can be?

There are two common answers:

1- You just don't know what to do/how to start

2- You know what to do but you don't act/information overload

Which one describes you?

How will you conquer this problem?

I have some ideas.

By the way, my "One and Done" series is over.

But don't worry, I will keep it simple and to the point, as always.

First off, the guys who don't know what to do/how to start. Find a great trainer in your area. Hint, hint..wink, wink.. haha just kidding..kinda. If that's not an option for you then pick a program. Just pick one. And go with it for a month. It doesn't matter what really. You can go with a 3 day strength training program or a 4 day mix of weights, calistenics, cardio..

Search for a program on google and do one that resonates with you. Men's fitness or men's health may have some decent ones. Or you could look up coach Dan John and follow any of his programs.

On to the second issue- you guys who know what to do- maybe you've done it in the past. Or you're just one of those guys who has read all about it and still haven't started..

You need to find a great trainer/coach in your area. Yes, I am biased here as I am a trainer and I know how much of an impact we can have on your life. But it's true. A trainer can help transform your life.

Ok, that being said. If you can't afford a trainer and want to work out at home or the cheap gym around the corner, here's what you should do- Just start! Yep, I'm serious.

Today you will begin by going for a walk. And then you will do a circuit of pushups, squats, jumping jacks. Repeat the circuit 5 times. Done. That's your first workout.

You can do this same workout 3-5 days per week. Add reps, do more sets, shorten the rest periods. Once you stick to this little routine for a few weeks you are ready for more.

Get your pushups up above 20 perfect form reps, same with your bodyweight squats. Then email me for a new program. @ strengthessentials716@gmail.com