Break THROUGH- Every Single Step Counts


One of the best parts of my job as a trainer is seeing people BREAK THROUGH.

Breaking through by lifting a weight for the first time.

Or setting a new rep record.

Or finding success with an eating plan that WORKS for them.

All the breakthroughs are great in themselves, but what really gets me fired up is the mental strength that comes from these moments.

The moments don't last long but they leave a lasting impression.

A memory that you can look back on and remind yourself that you have overcome much in your life.

It's the struggle and the battle that matters.

How you fail and get back up to try again.

You learn from hard times.

If everything was easy you would never grow.

When you wake up feeling like you got run over by a semi, but you still get your ass to the gym..

You commit. Persevere. Show up EVEN when you don't feel 100%.

There's always something you can do in the gym, even if you are hurt.

This morning I had a stiff lower back and achy elbow.

So what. Train anyway.

Work around it.

Do less weight or different exercises.

I did less weight and more sets.

Oddly enough, everything felt better afterwards.

That's how training goes.

You just keep showing up, and over time you improve.

Beyond Personal Records

I talk often about breaking your own personal records. (PR's) It's a beautiful thing, but there is more to training than just lifting more weight.

We all know this but often we overlook the mundane aspects of training.


Each rep. How the weight feels as we squat down or pull the bar close.. and how the bar feels as we extend out to complete the repetition.

How often do we concentrate on how our body feels during the movement, instead of thinking how many more reps we have left?

Do we look back at our journey and take pride in how FAR we've come?

Not to get comfortable and complacent.

Sometimes we need that boost to see the results of our effort, dedication and persistence.

ALL the HOURS of work that paid off..

And then we move into the present moment and stay with it..

Embrace the struggle.

Push. Pull. Strain. Go further..

And we keep adapting, evolving, growing into the strongest version of ourselves.

Each day, take another step.

It doesn't matter how small it may SEEM.

Every. single. tiny. step. counts.


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