Can you get Stronger Every Day?

weight and rack pic.jpg

There’s this phrase I like to use- Stronger Every day-

It has a nice ring to it.

What does it mean?

Of course, no one actually gets stronger every day. If that was the case, I would be able to lift over a thousand pounds by now.

When I say “stronger every day” I mean your intention is to improve each and every day. That is your mindset when you awake in the morning.

You may lift five more pounds today. Or you may do an extra set or more reps…whatever the case may be, you are trying to improve your physical existence through training.

Strength is defined by merriam-webster’s dictionary as: the quality or state of being strong; the power to resist force; power of resisting attack.

Not exactly a clear definition.

How much strength do we need before we are considered strong?

That’s always a good topic of discussion for lifters and strength enthusiasts.

I don’t find much benefit in comparing myself to anyone else these days. It’s more about being the best version of myself.

The STRONGEST version of myself.

I have my goals. You have yours.

We know where we are weak, and where we can improve.

You can’t lift more weight every time you step into the gym, but you CAN strive for constant and never-ending improvement (kaizen).

Maybe it’s not exactly “stronger every day” when you improve your form on the deadlift or you can run an extra mile beyond what you used to..

But the point is to challenge yourself to be your best every day. That performance may not be as “good” as last week but it’s your best today.

It might not technically be stronger every day, but it has a better ring to it than “improve a little bit as often as you can to become the best version of yourself over time”….

Keep pushing yourself and reap the rewards that hard physical training brings to you.


For a fun challenge check out my 21 day ignite fitness challenge. It’s a challenge that you can do even if you already train a few times a week.

Just add it to your current program and adapt as needed.

Or if you haven’t been training for awhile, it’s a great way to get back into it by building daily health and fitness habits that will get you back into shape, if you stick to it.