Just get into motion


This morning I looked outside and saw it was raining.

It’s my day to run.

Now I had a choice to make.

Not only do I hate running, but I absolutely despise being outside in the rain.

I waited as long as possible..stalling…

The decision to get up, put my sneakers on and head out the door, is a simple yet universal example of the moments we all face each and every day.

To do the hard thing or not.

This applies to the gym and to life.

A funny thing often happens when we overcome these daily obstacles..

The pain or difficulty we imagine in your minds, is not as bad as expected.

I can’t even count how many times this has happened.

Today was a prime example.

I didn’t want to run and thought it was going to be a rough go so I had low expectations.

Once I got moving, I got into a groove and ran more than I have in years.

It’s amazing how often we overthink and psyche ourselves out. What we need is to just get started by getting into motion.

The war in your mind

Every day you have to meet yourself in the mirror.

Win that war.

It’s the most important battle you fight each day.

Far too often we allow the world to dictate how we think and feel and live.

We let the external world take over our internal world.

The external world that wants you to stay right where you are, never change, never grow, never soar to new heights by challenging your limits.

That world digs into our minds. We start to believe what it tells us about what we are capable of and how we should live.

We have to fight back.

The best way is to challenge yourself every day.

Physically, AS WELL AS, mentally.

If you don’t prove to yourself that you are capable of more, then you can talk all you want about making big changes.. it won’t happen.

ACTION is the key.


Pushing beyond.

We NEED the resistance, just like the body needs resistance to build muscle and strength.

Friction is necessary to begin the transformation.

If you seek to become more, do more, live at a higher level, you KNOW instinctively that you need obstacles.

Embrace it and step forward even if you feel you aren’t ready yet.

No one is ever ready.

The people who achieve what they want, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Is this the day you change?

Get after it. Again and again.


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