Choosing the BEST Diet/Workout Program

Photo by Strength Essentials 716

Photo by Strength Essentials 716

Can I Do THIS?


"THIS" meaning a certain diet/workout program that you want to try.


If you have ever asked “What do you think of “insert diet/workout here” ? Then listen up.


First off, you do not need to ask permission.


You can do whatever you want.


Second, if you truly want to know what a trainer/coach thinks about a diet/workout program then listen first. Then ask questions.


Often when you ask a question about diet/workouts you already have a feeling, a belief about it.


Maybe you just want that feeling to be reinforced.


If you BELIEVE it is the one for you, then go with it.


You don't need to ask for permission.


You may learn a little more about the diet/workout from a trainer, but at the end of the day if you don't believe it will work, it probably won't.


Belief + sustainability= long-term progress.


Is your desire to try this diet/workout because you want a quick fix? Or is it for long-term change and health/strength for life?


Every "expert" you ask for an opinion on a diet/workout may be different. That answer is not as important as your belief in the plan.


Failure is likely if you don't buy into it. If the diet/workout doesn't resonate with you.


Otherwise you may end up jumping from one diet/ workout program to the next, ending up saying “well, it didn't work for me..”



How to choose the best diet/workout program


  • What resonates with you?


  • Learn more about it.


  • Take action. (do the diet/workout program)


  • Give it time and commitment to work.


  • A month or two later, check your progress.


  • Do you believe in it?


  • Were the results as expected?


  • Can you see yourself doing it long-term?


  • Do you need to make a subtle change to keep going with it?


It doesn't matter if it's paleo, whole30, low-carb, keto, intermittent fasting, carnivore, Mediterranean, flexible dieting...


Or crossfit, bodybuilding, bootcamps, powerlifting, strongman..


Some of the diets/programs are too ridiculous to even name here but feel free to do what you feel is right..


Just don't ask me about it because you want permission to try some celebrity diet, or movie star workout routine..

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