Coffee Withdrawal Is Real

I gave up coffee a week ago.

I am still here.

To be honest, the idea of not drinking coffee every morning scared me.

How bad would the headaches be?

Today's ONE and Done topic is not just my coffee withdrawal though. This is about you.

And how you can change your life by one thought.

This thought is "I am enjoying something new"..  

As you give up something that has been a part of your life for a long time, you will feel like something is missing. Life is too short, why should I give this it really THAT bad?

I'm not here to discuss the research on coffee or sugar or any other substance or food or drink we consume. The point is that when you want to make a healthy change, you will give something up. Replace it with a new habit.

Habits often have a negative connotation but they don't have to.

I stopped drinking coffee and started enjoying green tea in the morning. Instead of 1-3 cups a day of coffee I now drink 1 or 2 cups of green tea.

It's not the same. True.

Sometimes I want a cup of coffee. Yes.

But it's a good experiment.

You can learn about yourself and your cravings.  How you rely on a substance like caffeine. But now my energy level is more stable. Same for my moods.

What one habit can you change this year that will make a huge difference?

Maybe it's coffee. Maybe it's smoking. It can be anything.

Take it upon yourself to feel better this year. Swap out one habit for a new one that will benefit you.

 It doesn't have to be forever. Who knows, I may go back to coffee. I do love the smell of it brewing, the taste. But I have found that I really like the ritual of holding something hot in the morning and sipping on it. Tea has been a great substitute in that area.