Eat Before You Go Shopping for Groceries

Today's ONE and Done topic-

Grocery Shopping While Hungry

I was standing in the ice cream aisle. Staring at all the different options.


Why did I come to the store when I was so hungry?

Not a good idea. EVER.

I don't care how much self-control you have or will-power. You will lose that battle eventually.

Grocery stores are set up to make you buy plenty that you don't need. And most of it you didn't expect to buy or even think about until it was right under your nose.

So do yourself a favor, have something to eat before you go to the grocery store.

There have been studies done on will-power and how we do NOT have an infinite amount. If you are fighting off all kinds of bad choices all day, eventually you will succumb.

Here's where you give me an excuse. Oh, I had no time. I had to go right after work/before work/on lunch etc etc... here's what I do if I know I have to go to the grocery store and I can't have a good meal before----

I have a handful or two of nuts. Raw nuts. Not coated in oils and/or sugars.  Other good options are berries, apple, pear, jerky, hard-boiled eggs, seeds- again, raw.

These snacks will hold you over and help you get past the "I'm So hungry everything in this store looks good I want it all and I want it now omg I can just rip open this bag of chips and oh how about some frozen pizza...

Help yourself by taking this advice. It seems simple. It is. Most of the best ideas are. But what most don't do is TAKE ACTION.

But you, my friend, are not like everyone else. You take the information and put into into practice immediately and see the results.