Define Success for Yourself/ Accept Your Mission


You ever have one of those days where it feels as if life is testing you to see how committed you are to your essential tasks?

After I finish this blog post I have to do my stretching and then everything I wanted to finish today will be complete.

Usually this blog post is done at noon but I had some detours on the road.

No excuse, just get it done.

Which brings me to my next point: how we define success...

We are all on a different journey.

Today mine took me on a rucking mission to visit my dad's niche at the cemetery.

When you ruck alone with no music, no phone, no tv, no NOISE in your ear.. just the sound of your own breathing, heartbeat and footsteps.. you get a chance to tune in with yourself.

As I was rucking along, a question struck me.. why am I alone walking with this weighted rucksack to the cemetery on a Friday night?

Good question right?

I thought of my dad.. often my family would be out on a Friday night but he would stay home and go to bed early.

He worked his tail off all week and would be up early Saturday morning so he liked to get to bed early.

He wasn't worried about being out socializing and having "fun"..

Honestly, all those Friday nights out where I thought I was supposed to be having fun, I felt more alone and depressed than if I stayed in by myself.

What I realized tonight was my mission, my has become ever more clear in recent weeks..

There were three hills ahead.

The one in front of me was the hardest.

What would you choose?

My first instinct was to go to the easier one but I had to crush that thought before it took hold by moving STRAIGHT AHEAD.

What am I here for?

I'm here to write.

I'm here to train.

My mission is to become the strongest version of myself.

Every day show up and give more, do more, BE more.

Every waking hour needs to be spent on this purpose.

What is your mission?

Do you feel like you are not on the right path?

Maybe you have heard a calling but you ignored it...

It could be that you took an easier road other than the TRUE path that you were called to walk..

Only you will know this.

But if you are feeling like something is missing from your life..

It's not going to be found in money, or possessions, or women or trophies..

If you are like most men, that empty feeling exists and it won't go away until you go within..

Get quiet.. go walk alone.. Listen to that voice.. Your TRUE voice..

And then accept the challenge.


It should feel scary.

You will know that it's the right choice when you get the butterflies in your stomach.

The time to start is NOW.

A good way to do it is to get a backpack, load it up with some books or a bunch of water bottles and GO for a hike.

TURN OFF the world.

See and hear and feel the truth you have been blocking out for FAR TOO LONG.


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I only accept the RIGHT guys for my program.

We have to be a good fit for it to work.

If you are READY, then TAKE ACTION.

Nothing is accomplished by thinking about it and over-analyzing.