How to get motivated to get back to the gym


Why is it that 67% of people with gym memberships never use them?


If you have trouble with motivation this post is for you.


First of all, there's nothing wrong with you.


You are not lacking some gene that the ultra-motivated people are born with.


With that said, let's get right down to it.


How to get motivated to get back to the gym.


Here are the 4 steps.


Follow them and see your motivation increase.


1- Set a goal -that means something to you

2- Accountability- tell someone- friend/family/trainer

3- Set deadline- makes it real and creates urgency

4- Take action daily


Set a goal.


You hear trainers/coaches/motivational speakers/teachers all talk about goals. The word can get overused, I admit.


That doesn't reduce the importance of a well-defined goal that means something to you.


I can't stress this last part enough.


The goal has to mean something to you. WHY do you want it? Only you can find that reason but it better be a good one for when times get tough.


Also, keep it simple.


One goal at a time. Two at the most and they should go together. (lose 20 pounds and exercise consistently)




After you know why you want to achieve this goal, you should tell someone about it.


It could be your coach/trainer, friend/family member. It doesn't matter who it is. Just make sure it's someone that will hold you accountable.


If you start to slack off you want to know that this person will be on your case, telling you to get back on track.


An online forum works well too. You wanna make sure that if you're not working on your goal, that someone will call you out on it.



Set a deadline


Now that you have a meaningful goal and someone to hold you accountable, it's time to set a deadline.


What you want is a realistic goal that also stretches you. You should feel a little uncomfortable when you think of it.


It's not out of reach but it's also going to be an accomplishment you will feel good about. This goal means something.


Mark it down on the calendar. Make it real. Use a big red magic marker if you want.



Take action daily


Let's say your goal is to lose 20 pounds and exercise 3 times per week.


Each day you need to take action that will move you closer to those goals.


Action steps include:


  • Walking
  • Monitoring calorie intake
  • Using a fitbit (activity tracker)
  • Meal prep
  • Bringing healthy snacks to work or road trips


These four steps will get you motivated to get back to the gym.

Motivation isn't some magical quality that some people are born with. You can develop it just like anyone else. It takes a commitment to simple action-steps.

It won't always be easy. Nothing of value is in life.

Discipline is far more reliable than motivation. Start building good habits and you will be the one everyone thinks is motivated all the time.

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