I wrote a book- The Lanky Guy Solution


I just published my first ebook on amazon/kindle.

It's called "The Lanky Guy Solution" :

How Tall Skinny guys get BIG and STRONG.

This book was a long time coming.

For over two decades I've tried to get bigger and stronger.

It all started when I was a weak skinny kid who got pushed around and couldn't move a stuck car out of the snow.

The book lays out the key principles for tall skinny guys to:

-avoid injuries (get stronger with a barbell and plates)

-limit plateaus (smart programming)

-save money (not waste it on crappy supplements)

-save time and energy (not doing pro bodybuilder routines)

Principles in 3 key areas-

  • Strength Training

  • Nutrition

  • Mindset

Results of the Lanky Guy Solution

If you are a tall skinny kid (generally over 6 feet tall and around 150 lbs.) this book is the solution for you.

I went from skinny (150 lbs) to skinny-fat (190lbs.) back down to skinny and lean at 175 and eventually getting bigger and stronger and up to 225lbs.

I've had clients add hundreds of lbs. to their lifts, and at least 10 lbs. in just a few months following the principles laid out in this book.

Even if you aren't "skinny", I'm sure you know someone who is.

Maybe they don't want to be.

It's more common to think people would rather be skinny but the tall skinny guy often does NOT want to be called "slim".

Do me a favor and send this link to a friend, son, cousin, uncle etc.. who is skinny and frustrated by being weak and called pencil-neck.