Training Log- Presses increasing, knee pain and sumo deadlifts

Another week in the books.

Hit some decent numbers on the lifts. Press and Bench are moving along nicely. Squat is not getting better as fast as I'd like.

My right knee has been bothering me for a few weeks, on and off, and today was the worst of the days.

I'm adjusting my stance and knee position. I am considering box squats for next week.

We shall see.

Bodyweight hovering at 209-211 lbs.

Monday- Press- 180x1, 160x4,4,4, 145x6/  Close-grip Bench 205x6,6,6

Tuesday- Squat 295x1, 275x2, 265x4, 255x4, 235x4, 225x5/ Sumo Deadlift  225 4x2

Wednesday- Bike/bodyweight

Thursday- Bench 240x1, 205x8,8,7/ Press 135x6,6

Friday- Squat 275x1, 245 x5,5,4/ Sumo Deadlift 275x1, 260x3,3,3

Sat- bodyweight

Press moved up 5 lbs. 185 will be attempted next week. Getting excited for that milestone.

Bench hit up some higher reps which felt solid. Fun new challenge. 240x1 may be a PR for the past 2 years or so.

With squat I tried moving my feet a little closer to get more quad drive out of the bottom of the squat but it bothered my knee so I went back out wider.

The sumo deadlift has plenty of room to grow. I didn't do any semi-sumo this week, not for any reason other than sumo was feeling good and strong.

Next week I am going to give box squats a try to take some stress of my knee. Give it some time to heal up and still continue to squat and get stronger.

Some good, some frustrating and some challenges.

Work to be done. Goals to pursue. The training never ends.