Motivation is the spark but you need a strong WHY to build a bonfire


He came from a rough neighborhood.

At 17 he was homeless.

He dropped out of school.

Everything was set up for this man to become a statistic.

But he decided to change all that.

The man I'm referring to is Eric Thomas- also known as E-the Hip-hop preacher.

He's one of my favorite motivational speakers.

if you haven't seen him, look him up on youtube or google. You won't regret it.

So yesterday I saw one of his new videos and it got me fired up.

As the video ended I was thinking about motivation and what it means to YOU.

Words have energy. A strong voice can light you up on the inside.

But then what?

Motivation is the SPARK.

But you gotta keep that fire going.

How you do that is a strong WHY.

WHY do you want to achieve your goal?

What will it mean for you to get in better shape?

Maybe it's an obvious WHY

- your health is in serious danger.
- you want to climb a mountain without dying of a heart attack
- you want to take off your shirt at the beach

Or a less obvious WHY

-reaching your goal will show you how strong you are
-prove others wrong about what you can or can't do
-win a competition (whether it's against a friend, co-worker or your self)

There are many WHY's.

Find yours and you will have MORE than the spark of motivation

Get after it today.

Jim "lights the spark" White

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