Movement is ESSENTIAL


Back when I worked a desk job, I worked out 3-4 times per week. Most of my training time was spent in a gym doing strength training.

My focus at the time was to get bigger and stronger.

It worked. I got much bigger AND stronger.

Then one day I decided to take a walk on my lunch.

I realized I was out of shape, even though I worked out consistently and looked to be in good shape.

A simple brisk walk outside was a revelation.

The problem was sitting for many hours at a desk. Not doing much, if any, cardio AND sitting while driving and then again at home.

This is a common problem with many people nowadays.

We sit WAY too much.

The solution is so simple that most folks won’t do it.

WALK as much as possible.

First thing in the morning.

During your lunch.

After you finish lifting weights.

At night.

I know people will get mad about this and say they need to relax and unwind and watch tv/netflix youtube etc..

Truth is, you don’t need as much of that stuff as you think.

Try just a few extra short walks each week.

See what happens.

Making just this one SIMPLE change may change your life forever.

Take it easy + de-stress

I’m sure you’ve heard that we are all under too much stress with our fast-paced society and we need to UNWIND and take it EASY.

This is a valid point BUT, most experts who are giving you this advice, don’t include binge-watching tv shows to be helpful to your stress levels.

I’m not trying to be a party-pooper and tell you that watching tv is bad for you, but if you want to get the benefits of stress-reduction you need to avoid stimulation from images and sounds that come from tv.

For this you need meditation, yoga, stretching, quiet time in nature..

Often when I work with clients I will ask what they do to unwind. Most do some form of passive viewing of tv and/or videos online.

The overtired, stressed-out, anxious person would benefit from turning off the devices for an hour, go to a quiet place and be still.

No, it’s not as FUN.

But do you want more stimulating for your nervous system or do you want to truly relax and help your body recover from the daily stresses we all face?

You choose.

Movement is ESSENTIAL

As you know from reading this blog, I believe in strength training and its importance for everyone.

BUT, I also want to reiterate that MOVEMENT is essential.

A lot of folks that I work with may train 2-3 days per week for a half hour but do very little movement the rest of the week.

That’s just not enough.

It doesn’t have to be structured exercise all the time.

There’s endless options really.

Just pick one or two and do them.

If you find you didn’t move much today, get up and do some jumping jacks and pushups.

Sitting on the couch too long at night? Get out and go for a brisk fifteen minute walk.

Want to watch the football game but can’t leave the house?

Stretch and do bodyweight exercises during the breaks.

Walk every day. Move more. Mix in exercise to your day beyond the dedicated gym time.

Doing it outside is EVEN better.

Need help getting started? ——————————————

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