What it takes to BREAK THROUGH


Picture this scenario: you get home from work. You lay down on the couch and flip the tv on. You were tired early in the day, but now the fatigue truly kicks in.

Tonight is your day off from the gym.

Problem is, you want to do SOMETHING.. but you just don’t FEEL like it..

How do you get up?

What does it take?

That moment, whether we know it or not, is HUGE.

Without it, there’s no break-through.

If you always had great energy, never felt exhausted, sore, sluggish, stressed, hurt, you wouldn’t have resistance to overcome..

There’s no break THROUGH without a break DOWN first.

Friction creates the possibility of growth.

You know there is no easy way. There’s no magic solution you are going to figure out while you lay there on the couch.

It’s a matter of you deciding and doing.

That’s it.

No supplement can do it for you. No book. No external motivation..

It comes down to you vs. you.

Do you want it bad enough?

When you want the result more than you want the comfort, then you get UP and get after it.

Funny thing is, when you get up and take action, that simple overcoming of that obstacle leads to you wanting to do even more…

You get a taste of accomplishment. It feels good. You want more of it..

After awhile, it becomes habit.. weeks, months.. years..

Then you look back and see you have become a new man/woman.

Adding Running to the program

If you’re like me and you wanted this feeling of accomplishment, you may want to add some cardio workouts.

I’ve been making slow progress with my running program, in addition to my regular strength training.

By starting very slow and adding a little at a time, I’ve been able to get back to running pain-free.

You can do this with any cardio activity, it doesn’t have to be running.

I find riding a bike easier so I wanted to run. That’s just how I’m wired. I needed the challenge to do what I don’t want to do.

It’s amazing what the body can adapt to.

Like I said, you have to overcome that initial wall.. you have to decide that you CAN and you WILL make it happen.

As you go on, you’ll be faced with new challenges, but getting started is the hardest part.

For you guys interested in a beginner running plan check out Andrew Reads- Walk/Run Program

FINALLY back to meditation

I’ve got the strength training and nutrition side of things down, but I struggle with staying consistent with meditation.

It’s been way too long since I sat and observed my breath. Yesterday I started back up.

The one thing I want to say about meditation is anyone can do it.

It might not be what you think it is.

One resource that I read that is valuable is the book 10% happier by Dan Harris.

Harris is a regular guy who thought meditation was a bunch of BS but after he had a panic attack on live tv, he found meditation and it changed his life.

Check it out if you want to enjoy the benefits of meditation which are impressive: lower blood pressure, improve memory, less stress, improving sleep, increasing focus, recovery from trauma etc..

As far as time commitments and how long it takes to be effective, there are different opinions out there.

It seems most agree it takes a few weeks of 15-30 minutes of meditation daily to start to see the benefits.

In my experience, it’s beneficial even if it’s hard to quantify exactly with numbers.


-You NEED to be broken DOWN to break THROUGH.

-Running is a good mental/physical challenge (especially if you hate it)

-Meditation can change your life if you stick with it long enough


Do you need help figuring all this fitness stuff out?

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