Make Your Own Path

I love finding my own way.

My best training 'programs' have always been my own creation.

Templates and popular programs can be great too, and I've had some success with them as well, but nothing feels quite so empowering and fun and challenging and rewarding as making my own way. Experimenting. Trial and error.

Taking notes. See what works, what doesn't. What used to work and no longer has the same effect.

I try to give some of this vibe to my clients who I work with in-person.

To share some of my love for fitness, lifting weights, becoming better physically, achieving goals etc..

When a new client comes to me that hates working out or hasn't found a way to be active that they can stick to, it is a challenge I welcome and love. I hope to rub off a bit on them. Make them see that it's doable. That they can do more than they thought.

That working out/training doesn't have to be this awful thing you dread. And that there are so many ways to go about it that you are bound to find one that will speak to you. One kind of training that will really resonate with your inner-being and you have more desire to keep at it and to excel at it.

Training your own way can take you far. It transcends the gym and looking in the mirror.

Every struggle in the gym can mirror the challenges of life. Small scale but really when you build those habits of physically challenging yourself and overcoming the resistance, it builds something within you. True strength. Will.  And a sense of confidence. 

I can do much more than I ever realized.

This is what I aim to instill in my clients.

You can do much more than you realize. And when you reach another level, you can go even further still.

It's remarkable what we can do when we set our minds to it.

So find your own way. Try out different programs. New exercises. Hell, make up an exercise or modify one you don't like or don't feel it the way you think you should. It's your journey. Don't let anyone tell you there's a right way or wrong way to do it.

You can pick up tips along the way. This can help tremendously. But in the end, it's on you.

Just you vs. the resistance.

Make your own way.