Personal Trainer Rates -Buffalo and Beyond

I was in the sauna after my workout. 

This is where the best conversations in the gym take place, by the way.

The guy I was chatting with had been working out with a personal trainer. I asked how he liked working with a trainer. (I didn't tell him I was a trainer myself)

He was seeing the results he wanted, fairly quickly. As he should.

There was one thing he said that stuck out in my mind.

When the topic of the cost of personal training came up he said, "you only get one body, one life. Having this trainer keeps me motivated and I feel better now than I have in years.”

That's what every trainer wants to hear. We all believe it but it's much better to hear it from a client directly.


So what are the factors that determine Personal Trainer Rates.

Here are the top 4 I've come up with.


1- Location

The amount you invest for personal training will depend on your area.

Yes, invest. You are investing in your body and your vitality for life.

If you live in a big city like NYC, LA, or Boston, you will pay a premium for this service. Go a few miles outside the city and pay much less.

With more trainers in an urban area, you will find more competition. While this may be good for price, as it forces some trainers to lower their prices to “compete”, it doesn't guarantee you will find the best option.

Common for big box gyms that need numbers is to give some big discount to get you in the door and if they have a ton of other clients you may not get the same attention and results you would with a trainer that doesn't need to worry as much about numbers.

Suburban areas will normally cost more.


Personal Trainer Rates- Buffalo Area

If you are in the Amherst, Williamsville/Clarence areas you will likely find higher rates than nearby areas like the city of Buffalo, Cheektowaga, or Lockport.

Same goes for Orchard Park, Hamburg compared to Lackawanna or Blasdell.


2- Type of Training


Some trainers only do 1 on 1 private training.

But there are other options. Bootcamp, groups, semi-private, partner sessions.

With 1x1 training you get personal attention at the highest rate. Depending on your goals and your level of fitness, this may be what you need.

It all depends on what you're looking for. If you don't know then talk to some friends who have worked with trainers in a one-on-one setting or in groups/bootcamps.


3. Special Deals/Promotions

You'll find all kinds of deals when you start researching personal training.

There's packages of sessions (4, 8, 10 etc.). Then you have transformation programs that last 4 or 6 weeks.

Some trainers offer a month-by-month type agreement where you might choose to start with 1 or two months and then decide if you want to keep training.

Each trainer will have a at least a few options, some more than others. Many times you can get started for a low price for a few weeks-month and then sign on for a longer commitment if you're satisfied with the service.


4. Type of Facility

Big box gym, small cheap gym, garage/warehouse gym, crossfit, sports performance facility, private studio.

Personal trainer rates will be highest at a sports performance facility or private studio in an urban or wealthy suburban area.

In Buffalo, NY you can expect to pay anywhere from $10 per session for bootcamps up to $75 per hour in a wealthy suburban area.


Cost is Important but Not the Only Consideration

Don't choose solely on cost.

Cheapest OR most expensive doesn't = results.

If there are a lot of trainers in your area, they will compete on price. If a trainer is new, he may be cheaper but it doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest is the lowest level of service.

Do your homework. If a friend with similar goals had success with a trainer, you meet them and feel comfortable/trust in them, then go with him. You don't need to shop around forever. You need to get to work and get some results!

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Personal training is an investment in your health, your strength and vitality. Your fitness is not something you should take for granted.

It's not like a t-shirt you buy for $10. You wear it a few times and give it away to the goodwill.

A great trainer can change your life forever.

How much is that worth to you? If you find the cheapest trainer and don't get results, then it was a waste.