Quick Healthy Meals For Busy Professionals

What are some quick healthy meals for busy professionals?

This is a common question I get asked.

I get it. I had the same question until I finally found some answers.

Exercise and nutrition go hand-in-hand. Without one you won't get maximum benefit.

For the busy professional this is especially true. You need to have some sort of plan for what you eat each day.

Here are some ideas you can try right away. These have worked for me and many of my clients over the years. You just have to DO THEM.

1- Get a crockpot and use it. Technically this is a "slow" process but it's quick when you just toss the food in, set it and forget it.

Come home and scoop it out.

What to put in the crockpot? Some sort of meat and veggies. Keep it simple. If you had a tough workout that day, add some potatoes.

If you need more ideas go to google and type in "crockpot recipes". Seriously, it takes a few minutes.

2- Power Shakes. These are great in the morning if you don't want to cook eggs. Get yourself some quality protein powder and toss in some berries or a banana, some chia seeds or hemp seeds, a handful of spinach or kale and you're good to go. You can use milk or water or almond milk. Add nut butter or greek yogurt to thicken it up and add some more protein/healthy fats.

3- Eggs and Nuts for Dinner. Sounds crazy, I know but it's a great meal! Especially if you are going lower-carb you need protein and fats. Eggs have both and nuts have good fats and minerals/vitamins. Try to go for raw nuts when possible and stay away from the roasted kinds that are cooked in sunflower/safflower oils.

4- Have leftovers for lunch. When you cook, make a bunch of chicken or chili. Put it in containers and bring to work. All you have to do is heat it up. Bring a piece of fruit with you to give yourself something sweet and add some more vitamins to your day for more natural energy.

That should make a huge difference if you actually follow through.

Will you follow through on these quick healthy meals? I hope you do.

If you don't, what is stopping you? Maybe it's your mindset. If you need some guidance (a good kick in the rear) I know just the guy for you. Send me an email to get the kickstart you need. strengthessentials716@gmail.com