Getting Motivated to Start Working Out

Getting Motivated to Start a Workout Program

A common problem I come across daily is the trouble people have with starting something new.

Something new will be hard. Especially a new workout regimen.

Our minds can be our worst enemies.

Starting a new fitness program. Or a new diet.

Why is it so many people can't get started?

Is it fear of failure?

That's a big part of it.

Is it insecurity?  To look awkward and/or uncomfortable doing something new..

Fear of embarrassment ?

You don't want to look out of place with all those people who obviously know what they are doing because they are already in shape. (often not true)

The gym can be intimidating. There seems to be a hundred people moving around who know what they are doing and are all super fit.

Especially at a big box gym.

So you say to yourself "maybe I'll go tomorrow.. or next Monday I will start for sure..."

But how will you really get motivated to start?

What will it take?

Will it be something your wife says?

Or maybe a guy at work..

A snide comment here or there that makes you feel it's time to make a change..

Or you get winded going up the stairs. You think, this is getting out of control...

What will it take?

I don't have the answer for you. It will be different for every single person.

When I started lifting weights I wanted to be bigger and stronger so I could stand up to the other kids in school or the neighborhood.

Years later, my reasons have changed for WHY I am "motivated" to train but I sill have solid reasons.

Only you can find that reason.

But I will tell you this for sure----  You must ACT on it.

Take action today.

Put one day after another. One foot in front of the other.

Take small steps.

As dumb as that may sound, and cliche, it's the damn truth.

You must take action. That's the only way.

That's why some people at the gym seem to know what they are doing even though they may be doing things "wrong".. they show up.

And they do it consistently.

So get after it today.

No more "I will tomorrow"..