Rebel Fitness- Workout of the Day Program


Everyone gets bored with their workouts from time to time.

What should you do?

Do you stick it out and keep doing the same routine, or do you try a new program?

Maybe you make a small adjustment, and that’s all the change you need.

For some of us, we need more.

I needed more.

After training with many established programs, I began to realize I was most excited for my workouts when they were my own creations.

The only problem was, I needed some structure so I wasn’t going into the gym without a plan and losing focus.

Your time is limited. You need to maximize the minutes you spend in your training.

With that in mind, I started creating this new program.

A combination of strength training with free weights, bodyweight training and cardio/conditioning workouts.

I wanted this program to be 100% unique.

In my mind I started to think of it in terms of being a rebel.

The anti-bodybuilding program. Anti-runner program. Anti-powerlifter program.

Not crossfit either.

A brand new creation that comes from my soul.

Rebel fitness was born- from 20 years of experience training in gyms.

Daily workouts to keep you disciplined.

You don’t need REST days.

You need accountability and consistency.

Each day you will do something physical.

This program is my solution for your boredom and plateaus.

No longer will you get STUCK because you aren’t limited to just squats, bench and deadlifts.

If you aren’t making progress in one area, there are other areas you will attack.

This plan makes sure you are always improving on SOMETHING.

Constant and never-ending improvement (kaizen) is motivating.

Your confidence will rise as you train your body AND mind to become the strongest version of yourself.

This program is for you if you are a different breed. You walk to the beat of your own drum.

You walk the road LESS traveled.

Where everyone else goes, you go the opposite way.

That’s one element that has defined my life. Never following the herd. Always making my own way. That’s what this plan is all about.

For you if you can never stick with a program for long.

You wonder why others get such great results where you don’t.

Most workout programs don’t excite you.

You need something that allows you some flexibility and freedom to work around your busy lifestyle.

Yet you also need a little structure to keep you focused and on target with your goals.

REBEL FITNESS is for you.

To learn more go here: REBEL FITNESS