Rogue Dragging Sled Review

Rogue Dragging Sled

Rogue Dragging Sled

I remember how excited I was when I got my Rogue Sled (pictured above).

The gym I trained at didn't have one. From the sled dragging videos I saw, I knew I wanted one.

Besides a barbell and plates, it's the best piece of equipment you can buy. (in my opinion)

Why You Need to Train With a Sled

It's freaking awesome, that's why!

That's not a good enough reason for you? Ok, I'll give you a few more.

-Burn fat with high-intensity intervals.

-Improve conditioning/cardio health

-Work around injuries to low back, knees, shoulders, hips

-Look bad-ass while hauling some heavy weight around. You never know when you will need to drag something heavy in real life.

Rogue Dragging Sled is Easy to Use

The Rogue Sled that I have is no longer sold on Rogue's website. They have a similar one HERE

It's almost the exact same sled but bigger.

Easy to use, with plenty of options for dragging. Forward, reverse, rowing, pressing, pull-throughs, sideways walking..

Just load it up and go. It fits in the trunk easily.

Pile on some 45 lb. plates and drag away for 10-20 minutes.

It's simple but not easy.

Sled dragging is one of the most effective conditioning methods around.

How Does the Rogue Sled Compare to Other Sleds?

I've used other sleds, like the prowler. (has 2 handles for pushing) The prowler is another beast. It will cost you more, but it's a great sled in its own right.

My rogue sled is the best I've used. I've had it 6-7 years and it looks like it will last forever.

You could make your own with a tire and rope and get creative with the load, using rocks or sandbags, concrete etc..  more power to you if you are the do-it-yourself type.

I like having the Rogue sled in my trunk, ready to go at all times. Just toss some weight on and drag away.