The power of self-talk


This morning I woke up in a daze.

I had a date last night and was up later than normal.

I worked with some clients and then got to the gym.

My mind was thinking of a way OUT.

The mind always wants to take the easy way. The path of LEAST resistance.

I knew what had to be done but I was dreading it.

After a few minutes warming up, it kicked in… IT- part rage, part drive, part habit, part animal, part human…

I got on the hardest conditioning machine in the gym- the Jacob’s Ladder and went to work climbing.

You gotta just get started

Once you get over that initial mental block, you find more within yourself.

It’s that first step that is crucial and often so difficult for us.

We have to overcome it, day after day after day.

There’s no end to it. If you came here for sympathy or a quick fix, I’m sorry to say there is none and you better go find a five minute-six-pack abs program.

Right here you get the straight-up honest truth. Just what you NEED to hear.

Once you get started you find it’s not so bad.

You can go for awhile until you hit the next obstacle.

The moment when you feel pain and you want to stop.

This is the next challenge you face that you must defeat.

On and on it goes.. eventually you finish your workout and you know you either gave 100% or you didn’t.

Yes, any work is better than staying home on the couch.

But you and I both know that just showing up is not the end-all-be-all.

Your effort and ability to push past the minimum dose will determine how much you grow.

Crush your excuses

When you are going through your day, do you watch your mind? Pay attention to the way you talk to yourself. The conversation you are having with yourself has a tremendous impact on what your life looks like.

All day long your mind gives you excuses.

To find the easy way out.

To put things off until later.

Justifying being lazy, procrastinating, avoiding tough things, finding comfort..

You have to crush those weak thoughts. Cut them off at the source.

When they start to sneak in and take over your mindset, stop and change the conversation.

Ultimately you have the POWER to do so.

Never overlook that fact.

It’s in your power to change your self-talk.

Yes it takes time. Nothing happens overnight. It is worth every ounce of effort.

When you build up your mind to the point of being your strength instead of a weakness, now you can achieve even greater things in your life.

Achieving greater health and strength. Improving your relationships. Expanding your life experiences. Going places you always dreamed of going. Having the confidence to go after a life-long dream..

The options are endless. The only limit is the one you place on yourself.

Believe it and see the truth of it when you become a force to be reckoned with.


Overcoming adversity is the key to becoming the strongest version of yourself.

I believe we all have much greater potential than we realize. Often, we need just one breakthrough to give us insight into our true inner strength.

I am committed to help you gain strength for life. You have a purpose. I want to help you achieve it.

Improving your life takes much more than knowledge.

It’s a constant battle in your mind.

I’ve been through it.

For over two decades I’ve trained in gyms, learning from my failures.

If you want to fulfill your potential, you don’t have go alone like I did.

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