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Before I get to my training from this week, I want to share what I've been writing over on my blog.

My writing on that blog is different than here. It's not focused on strength training. I get more personal. If you're interested here's the link: MEDIUM.COM-BLOG

This week I wrote about

-one of the most satisfying feelings in the world (PR's of course)

-inspiration from the mundane

-how you will suck when you begin anything new

-what to expect if you choose to be an entrepreneur

NOW, on to the training!

This week I was in the gym 6 days; 4 days scheduled lifting, and 2 days bike/bodyweight stuff.

I'm running a 4 day upper/lower split. Focus is on getting stronger with the basic barbell movements.

Secondary goal is to get bigger.

Monday- Press- 185x1, 165x4,4, 155x5/ Close-grip Bench Press 210 3x5

Tuesday- Squat 305x1, 260x4, 4/ Box Squat 195x3,3/ Sumo Deadlift 255 3x3

Wednesday- bike/ bodyweight

Thursday- Bench Press- 245x1, 225x5,5,215x5/ Press 135x8,8

Friday- Box Squat- 205x3,3, 185x3/ Sumo Deadlift 295x1, 275 3x3

Saturday- bike

What can you learn from this training log?

That's what I was considering as I sat down to write this out today.

As I look at a training log of another coach, it's not about the numbers they are lifting or the sets/reps.

I need to see how much total work they are doing each week, compared to the last. You can't look at where someone is today and try to emulate that in your own training.

So what will help you in your own training?

Here are some thoughts that come to mind-

-Always try to improve your form every single repetition on every lift. Force yourself to get as tight as possible and stay that way. On every lift.

-Play around with grip width, foot position, stance, and the execution of each lift. (for example do you need to think more "sit back" or "sit down" during the squat? It varies for each person.

-Don't be afraid to change things up but also know when you need to have patience and give something a chance to work. (for example-changing to sumo stance deadlifts takes time to adapt and get proficient)

-If something hurts, don't do it! There's always a variation you can do. If high-bar squats irritate your knees or back,  use the low-bar position or front squat.

Most importantly, keep getting stronger.

Become the strongest version of yourself.


If you have to ask that, maybe you are reading the wrong blog!

Look over your training logs (you keep them don't you?) and see if you have been making progress.

If not, why?

What is holding you back?

Is it your diet?

Lack of sleep?

No consistency?

No motivation?

Get to the bottom of it and start taking action to improve.

Today is the day.


You never know what tomorrow may bring. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

If you need help becoming the strongest version of you, reach out to me HERE