How to Get More Veggies in Your Diet

What is more boring than talking about vegetables?

Maybe a few things..  but veggies sure don't inspire much excitement from what I've experienced.

But you know that more veggies would benefit you, right?

Here's a few ways I get more veggies in my life that taste good and make me feel good.

1- Bake them in the oven in winter. Get some garlic pepper and whatever other spices you like and toss the veggies in some extra virgin olive oil. Throw in oven on aluminum foil. Done. Pair them with some meat.

2- Soups/stews. Get out the crockpot and make some stews or soups with a meat and any veggies you want. Get creative. Or just stick to the basics like carrots and celery with some pot roast or a pork shoulder.

3- Grill them up in summer. Just like the oven, sprinkle some garlic pepper on the vegetables with olive oil and cook them up. These are really tasty. Also- put some peppers right on the grill. Either full-size or baby peppers.

You can try all different kinds or just stick to your favorites. Either way, you know you need to eat more of them so here's a few ideas to kickstart your veggie consumption.

Make it happen.